Monday, January 2, 2012

1/2/12 - Monday (Blog #2)

Well, this is a pickle already, hahaha. My friend invited me to watch a LOTR marathon, from like 5 PM all the way to the next day’s morning. Of course, I said yes, since I’m still on school break. However, I’ll be at Round 1 from like… 8 AM until noon. So that means the whole day I won’t be home for Tuesday. I’ll probably post something up before I leave for Round 1. It’s not like I sleep much anymore anyways, so I’ll spend a few hours on Tuesday to type it. Oh well.

Let’s see… around 1 AM, the girl of my dreams, M, posted something about wanting a puppy, onto FB. Of course, I wanted to post something, or comment on it. But, I didn’t want to seem creepy. Nonetheless, there goes my friend, posting, “You can call me puppy if you want,” on her post. Honestly, I don’t get how he can even post stuff like that online. I guess he doesn’t care what other people think. I do, not sure why. I try to be all ‘cool’ and ‘don’t care’ about everything, but I do care. I care about everyone I meet, especially the girls that I like. I know, I’m such a hypocrite, when my blog yesterday, I said I don’t care about other people’s feelings. I don’t know how to explain it. When someone I feel deserves to be treated badly, then I do. However, until I find proper reason and explanation for that, I treat everyone the best I can.

Anyways, I really don’t understand her. M, I mean. I foolishly texted her wishing her Happy New Year, but she didn’t reply. Sure, maybe she just had too many texts and didn’t want to reply to all of them, since she did just put a post on FB saying it to everyone. But she replied to my Christmas text. I don’t know anymore. Love can be such a cruel thing sometimes. It only makes me love her even more, for some reason, because she becomes more interesting to me.

I realized something a few days ago. I like interesting people. People that I don’t understand pique my interest the most. Even though a girl could be the cruelest and heartbreaking girl ever, as long as she’s interesting, I’ll fall for her. I’m not saying M is like that, but she’s similar. She told me that her mom didn’t let her keep any more pets, so I didn’t bother posting anything like, “I’ll get you one,” or things like that. Of course I wanted to post, but I just couldn’t. Call me coward, whatever. Even if I steal her away in the middle of the night, and show her the world, I think she still would act the same to me. And that’s why she interests me, even if she breaks my heart. I love you, M.

Wow, I survived a shooting, although it wasn’t really a shooting. I was walking my dogs today, in the afternoon, and suddenly someone shoots a gun. I didn’t even know who, but I just ran. Other people were there too, and everyone just booked it. I brought my dogs inside, and when I came out, the cops blockaded the whole block. The police came in full body armor and shotguns and everything. I’ll post a picture, if I figure out how. Luckily I didn’t get questioned by the police or anything, so I just remained to be a bystander. They stayed there for a pretty long time, but I just went back inside. It was pretty funny.

[Edit: Here's the picture]

Besides that, the day was pretty calm. M still didn’t reply to my texts… again. Even though I texted her about the shooting, she didn’t care. I don’t even know why I bother. But I love her. Oh well. Anyways, I just played DotA with my friends. We barely won one game, and all the other games we got rocked by the others. Most of them were because my friend disconnected every 5-10 minutes into the game.  But, besides that, we still had fun. That’s pretty much all for the day. I’ll post Tuesday’s early, since I won’t be home at all.


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