Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/24/12 – Tuesday (Blog #24)

 Oh man… I’m freaking late I think. I won’t be able to finish this before the new day! I’m sorry guys, yikes. That sucks, not even one month and I failed already! Hmmm, well, let’s make it into baseball! Three strikes and I’m out. This is my first fail, so if it happens again two more times, I quit blogging! Ha, or maybe something less drastic. Thanks for all the comments.

Since we pretty much pulled an all nighter last night for trying to finish our project, I got home really tired. That’s why I took a nap from until 4 all the way to 10, and then I had to eat dinner. By the time I was even on the computer, it was already 11:20 or so, since I had to do a bit of my homework also. Then, my friends wanted to play SC2, and I couldn’t say no, because there was this new style that we tried to play. It’s a MacroMicro game, where one player does the macro, or building and mining, and the other player controls all the units. It’s really good to help train.

School was pretty okay, since we really didn’t do much. My final grades for first semester were expected. I had an A in C++, AP Stats, Computer Aided Design, and Bs in Honor Physics, AP Literature, and AP Government. We also start economics this semester, but we still have to study Government since we have to take the AP test in April or May.
I didn’t get to see M today, since I got to school late, which bummed me out. I texted her afterschool and asked her what she’d do for Chinese New Year, since she’s Chinese too, and we just texted a bit. But then I fell asleep, and didn’t reply for a long time…

Anyways, I’m trying to rush this, so it’s pretty short. Sorry again. I didn’t get to post this under the true 1/24/12, but I promise it won’t happen again guys! Thanks for being so patient with me. I’ll post again tomorrow.



  1. Don't feel bad. I'm late for my deadline sometimes too. People will catch your post in Google Reader. Congratulations on the grades!

  2. I like the fact you didn't reply cause you went to sleep! Leave her wanting. Don't do it all the time, but its good that it happens some of the time!

  3. All nighters, those were always fun. I can completely relate.